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Mission Moment Paddle Raise Calculator

Mission Moment Paddle Raise Calculator

What is a “Mission Moment” or “Fund-a-Need”?

This page is to help you estimate the potential of your event to raise funds using the Paddle Raise approach. Some will call this the Mission Moment, Fund-a-Need, or Fund-a-Cause. There is a moment when your guests give from the heart, giving at 6-7 levels as constructed for your paddle raise. There are many variables that contribute to a successful paddle raise. This calculator requires a few inputs from you, and then there are some assumptions.

How the Calculator Works

First, you will need to consider the guests attending. The number of guests we look to consider here are derived of potential givers, so exclude from your estimate the addition of children or recipient of services who will likely not contribute to your mission in this moment.

Set your fundraising goal. This should be a reasonable figure based on past history and the economics of your donor base. The calculator will show if your estimate is reasonable.

Set your fundraising levels. Most events will have 6-7 levels, and use standard increments. You want to select your top level based on the likelihood that you have someone who will or has given at that level in the past.

Custom levels. You can add additional levels based on special amounts that are meaningful for your event. Insert them appropriately at the correct row to ensure formulas work correctly (eg. from high to low).

The calculator will identify any gap to your fundraising, which can be fulfilled with matching funds, or pre-commits from donors who want to anchor your paddle raise.

You can also manually adjust the amount of donors per level in the correct columns of this format.

Our research has shown that utilizing a charity Auctioneer significantly increases participation and as a result, increasing your fund raising at your event.