Calling all Charities and Nonprofits, Here is your Headquarters for Consignment Packages and Fundraising Planning!
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Our Mission

Mission First Fundraising aims to fuel great causes in our communities by providing travel experiences with a proven rate of return for charities and nonprofits. By prioritizing your mission and understanding your goals, we collaboratively create effective fundraising strategies that align with your purpose. We lead with consultation with a passion for providing an exceptional level of service.

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About Us

Mission First Fundraising is a team of experienced fundraising professionals with thousands of fundraising events under our belt. Recognizing a pressing industry need, we embarked on a mission to develop an intuitive, end-to-end experience that streamlines the sourcing and structure of fundraising at events.

Our vision was to create a comprehensive website capable of integrating various elements of fundraising events, including Live and Silent Auction items, revenue enhancers, and a Mission Moment. Our primary objective was to provide a centralized hub where items acquired through diverse channels, such as the board of directors, dedicated donors, or consignment, could be organized and efficiently managed.

To fulfill this need, we collaborated with Directors of Nonprofits, Auctioneers and Vendors alike to better understand the present gaps in the donor experience. 

The result is a website that provides a structured framework that offers visibility into your funding sources well in advance of your event.  To make things even better, we have carefully curated a special list of “Best Of” travel experiences that are already accessible inside the platform.

Our “Why” is simple, to better serve our clients with the goal of ensuring a better than expected winner experience. The catalysts for execution being – one intuitive website that houses your events fundraising details, one source for travel experience procurement across multiple vendors, and one point of contact to ensure your winners are communicated with effectively.  Our focus remains on YOUR mission. By understanding the “Why” behind your cause, together we can craft an effective fundraising strategy that aligns with your goals.

Our goal is to ensure seamless planning and most importantly, an exceptional donor experience. We streamline the behind-the-scenes processes, freeing you to focus on engaging with donors and advancing your cause. With our comprehensive support, we can unlock the full potential of your event and drive impactful outcomes.

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Your Fundraising Headquarters is here, we look forward to working with you.

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