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Trip Details

  • Winner of this package chooses from one of 4 destinations:
  • Lisbon, Portugal - 5 nights for 4 adults in a private apartment in Lisbon City Center, including a guided food tour in Gastro and a Portuguese dinner experience with live fado music
  • Bordeaux, France - 5 nights for 2 adults at 5- star hotel Le Palais Gallien, featuring a private wine tour of 2 wineries in Saint Emilion and a walking tour in Bordeaux
  • Napa, California - 3 nights for 2 adults in downtown Napa, with a private tour of three wineries included and lunch at Gotts Hamburger Stand
  • Amalfi Coast, Italy - 7 nights for 2 adults in a private apartment, with a bottle of limoncello upon arrival
Info Sheet for Directors / Auctioneers

Trip Code: CD108GT

Premium Golden Ticket

  • Unlimited Can Be Sold at a Single Event

Imagine holding a shimmering golden ticket in your hands that holds the key to an extraordinary experience. Option 1 invites you to Lisbon, Portugal, where 4 adults will enjoy a luxurious 5-night stay in a private apartment in Lisbon City Center. Indulge in a guided food tour in Gastro and savor a Portuguese dinner experience accompanied by enchanting live fado music.

Option 2 takes you to Bordeaux, France, for a romantic 5-night retreat at the prestigious 5-star hotel Le Palais Gallien. Immerse yourself in the world of wine with a private tour of two wineries in Saint-Emilion and a delightful walking tour in Bordeaux.

Option 3 offers a delightful escape to downtown Napa, where 2 adults will relish in a 3-night getaway. Embark on a private tour of three esteemed wineries, complemented by a delectable lunch at the renowned Gotts Hamburger Stand.

Lastly, option 4 unveils the breathtaking Amalfi Coast in Italy, where 2 adults will revel in a week-long stay in a private apartment, greeted with the gift of a bottle of exquisite limoncello upon arrival.

Unleash your wanderlust and embrace the magic of these extraordinary experiences, awaiting you with the Premium Golden Ticket.



  • Cost to Non Profit$3,995.00
  • Strike Price What is this?$25,000.00
    Strike price means the expected price to be reached in order to sell the item.
  • Return for your Non-Profit$$21,005.00
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Golden Ticket – Set number of tickets sold at a set price with the drawing awarding 1 winner a grand prize.

Raffle – Set price however there is not a set number of tickets to be sold with 1 winner to be chosen for the prize.

Other – Will be other revenue enhancers.

Terms of Use and Blackout Dates

You have a full 3 years*, starting on the date of your auction/event, or travel store purchase, to complete your travel. You may travel yourself, or give the package to someone else, free of charge after registration, if your package has not been booked. You may register the package at any time within the 3-year travel period as registration is not required, but we strongly recommend registering your package to view available resorts and dates. Travelers may select from multiple resorts/4-5 star hotels in the destination of their choice, including any featured resorts. Only All-Inclusive Resorts include meals, most beverages including adult beverages, taxes, gratuities, standard resort amenities, non-motorized water sports, and more. All-Inclusive Resorts do not include airfare, personal expenses, and any fees (including resort and amenities fees) that are only payable at the property. All other destinations do not include airfare, meals, taxes, personal expenses, and any fees (including resort and amenities fees) that are only payable at the property. All-Inclusive Resorts accommodations are 4 nights in a standard guest room for 2 guests. Sedona, Arizona accommodations are 5 nights in a studio or 1-bedroom resort condominium units for up to 2 guests. Las Vegas accommodations are 3 nights in a standard guest room for 2 guests. Music Lover’s Dream accommodations for 3 nights in a standard guest room for 2 guests. Accommodations are for consecutive night stays only and may not be broken up. Resorts and arrival date options are generally displayed for selection from 90-300 days in advance of the arrival date. This package is valid year-round. Peak season travel dates are subject to availability. Surcharges may apply. All resorts and dates, including featured resorts, are subject to availability. No changes of any kind can be made for any reason to a confirmed reservation. This includes traveler name, travel dates, resort, or unit size. We strongly recommend that travelers protect their total investment with appropriate travel insurance coverage.


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