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Trip Details

  • 5-night stay in 3 bedroom luxury home
  • Booking & concierge services
Info Sheet for Directors / Auctioneers

Trip Code: BL124

Turks & Caicos for 6

  • 6 Guest
  • 5 Nights
  • Unlimited Can Be Sold at a Single Event

Unleash your wanderlust and immerse yourself in the epitome of tropical bliss as you explore the captivating Turks and Caicos Islands. Nestled south of the Bahamas, this idyllic archipelago unveils a world of unparalleled luxury, boasting breathtaking beaches, unspoiled marine ecosystems, lavish accommodations, warm hospitality, and an incredible culinary scene.

Travelers will get to enjoy staying in a three bedroom and two bathroom luxury villa. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The villa comes with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including wifi, a fully equipped kitchen and a private pool. Plus, you’re just steps away from the white sand beaches that make this destination so popular.

  • Cost to Non Profit$5,500.00
  • Strike Price What is this?$12,000.00
    Strike price means the expected price to be reached in order to sell the item.
  • Return for your Non-Profit$6,500.00
What is this?

Live Auction – Part of the evening where supporters will be encouraged to use their paddles to actively bid on the auction items at the same time.

Silent Auction – Items that are displayed on the Silent auction tables and on the electronic platforms for active bidding through out the time allowed for the silent auction. A “buy now” price may also be included in this auction.

Golden Ticket – Set number of tickets sold at a set price with the drawing awarding 1 winner a grand prize.

Raffle – Set price however there is not.a set number of tickets to be sold with 1 winner to be chosen for the prize.

Other – Will be other revenue enhancers.

Terms of Use and Blackout Dates

2 years to travel from date of purchase. Blackout dates include: Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, New Years week, 4th of July week. Airfare, meals, and activities are not included unless specifically listed under Trip Details. Additional fees or taxes may apply due to local ordinances.  Must notify 60 days in advance of travel.