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Trip Details

  • 5 Night Stay for 2 in a 4 star boutique hotel in downtown Paris
  • 2 skip the line full day admissions to the Louvre
  • 2 tickets to explore the observation level of the Eiffel Tower
Info Sheet for Director / Auctioneer

Trip Code: IT106


  • 2 Guest
  • 5 Nights
  • Unlimited Can Be Sold at a Single Event

Make your trip over the pond worth it with a charming 4 Star Boutique Hotel in the middle of Paris. You will have access to all the cafes, bakeries and shoppes right outside your door. Provided with this package are 2 skip the line passes for a full day at the Louvre as well as 2 tickets to the observation level of the Eiffel Tower. There is so much more to see here, Notre Dame de Paris, Le Grand Palais, Les Champs-Élysées, et l’Arc de Triomphe and the list goes on. The beautiful city of Paris is a bucket list item for many, now is your opportunity.


  • Cost to Non Profit$2,995.00
  • Strike Price What is this?$7,000.00
    Strike price means the expected price to be reached in order to sell the item.
  • Return for your Non-Profit$4,005.00
What is this?

Live Auction – Part of the evening where supporters will be encouraged to use their paddles to actively bid on the auction items at the same time.

Silent Auction – Items that are displayed on the Silent auction tables and on the electronic platforms for active bidding through out the time allowed for the silent auction. A “buy now” price may also be included in this auction.

Golden Ticket – Set number of tickets sold at a set price with the drawing awarding 1 winner a grand prize.

Raffle – Set price however there is not a set number of tickets to be sold with 1 winner to be chosen for the prize.

Other – Will be other revenue enhancers.

Terms of Use and Blackout Dates

You have a full 3 years, starting on the date of your auction/event, or travel store purchase, to complete your travel. Due to uncertainty of accommodation costs for this extended period, travel during the 3rd year may be subject to an additional cost not to exceed $599.00. Travelers may select from multiple 4 and 5-star hotels in this destination(s), including the featured hotel(s). You may travel yourself, or give the package to someone else, free of charge after registration, if your package has not been booked. You may register the package at any time within the 3-year travel period as registration is not required, but we strongly recommend registering your package to view available resorts and dates. Accommodations are standard guest room for 2 guests. Accommodations are for consecutive night stays only, and may not be broken up. The  Inventory Selection System will be accessible to view and select available resorts and arrival dates upon completion of the package registration. Resorts and arrival date options are generally displayed for selection from 90-300 days in advance of the arrival date. You will be contacted regarding options for the tours, tickets, and other inclusions (if any are included) in your package after you have selected your hotel and arrival date. All resorts and dates, including featured resorts, are subject to availability. No changes of any kind can be made for any reason to a confirmed reservation. This includes traveler name, travel dates, resort, or unit size. We strongly recommend that travelers protect their total investment with appropriate travel insurance coverage. Many excellent insurance providers can be found with an online search of “Travel Insurance”. This package does not include airfare, meals, taxes, and fees that are only payable at the property and personal expenses. Other conditions may apply.

This package is valid year-round. Peak season travel dates are subject to availability. Surcharges may apply.


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